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The Annual Scottish Fair is fast approaching and will be held on the Sunday 19th October at Dandaloo Hotel Sports Ground. Gates open at 8.30 AM and Massed Bands Closing ceremony at approx 3.00 PM.

Scottish_Fair 2014_vers_1

Brigadoon at Bundanoon 2014

Brigadoon at Bundanoon 2014

The weather forecast was not good a week out and did not improve during the week for this years Brigadoon at Bundanoon. Travelling to Bundanoon we encountered light showers but as we got closer they stopped. Getting closer the traffic is usually much heavier but not this year, arriving at the YHA we found there were no cars lining the sides of the road so the crowd numbers were down and well before the day started, never mind, for those who have ventured forth the Pipes and Drums will be played

Illawarra Pipe Band at Bundanoon at Brigadoon 2014

Illawarra Pipe Band at Bundanoon at Brigadoon 2014

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Want to Learn Bagpipes or Drums

Interested in learning Pipes or Drums then get in touch with the Illawarra Pipe Band through the contact page. Tuition is free of charge and you do not need bagpipes to start only a practice chanter which is of similar appearance to a recorder and the Band keeps a few spares. When it comes to learning to Drum then Drumsticks and practice pads are used.

There is a practice for learners held on most Tuesday night’s in the R.S.L. Memorial Hall, Dapto. Entry via the carpark at the rear. Time 6.30 – 8.30 PM

The Illawarra Pipe Band meets most Wednesday night’s at Albion Park Showground Hall. This practice is more suited for those who can play an instrument already. Time 6.30 – 10.00 PM

Bagpipes could be banned from home of World Pipe Band Championships under “draconian” Glasgow City Council park proposals

THE drastic council plans would also ban commercial activity such as professional dog walkers or fitness classes without written consent, and ban cycling over 5mph, amongst other restrictions.

BAGPIPES and other musical instruments could be banned from the home of the World Pipe Band Championships.

Drastic council proposals mean letting dogs run off the lead, playing organised sport and hanging out washing could also be outlawed at Glasgow Green.

Friends of Glasgow Green will meet tomorrow to decide their official response to the city-wide plans, which they described as “draconian”.
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Stuart Liddell – Lunchtime Recital 2010

Another recording of Stuart Liddell the first of a series of 8 recordings

Illawarra Scottish Fair 2013

The 2014 Illawarra Scottish Fair will be held at Dandaloo Sports Oval, Dandaloo Hotel in October and the Games Committee is already well into the planning for the event. Any Band members or their partners who wish to help just see James for more information.

Mathew Cox and the Illawarra Pipe Band

In 2007 the Illawarra Pipe Band went to the Dapto Markets on a recruitment drive the same day Bob Smith went to the markets taking a then 6 year old Matty with him. Not long at the markets, Matty saw the stall and said to Grandad “I want to sign up”. Bob thought Matty was a bit young and said “OK we will come back before we leave and you can sign up then”, thinking Matty would forget about the Illawarra Pipe Band. As they approached the gates to go home Bob felt a tug on his sleeve and looked down to Matty who reminded him that they had not gone back to the table for him to sign up with the Illawarra Pipe Band. “OK” said Bob. “Off you go. “……. and Matty signed up. Continue Reading